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How to prepare for yoga classes?

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The number of yoga practitioners does not stop growing in Brazil and in the world. At the same time, the industry focused on accessories and clothes for the activity also grows. Today, we already have a wide range of items for both men and women who have surrendered to the charms of meditation.

For you who still only have the desire to become a beginner, all quality information is welcome. Thinking about it, Superprof has prepared a special with the key items you will need to get even more successful and enjoy the benefits that yoga can bring.

Women’s Yoga Clothing

It does not matter if you have already become a true yoga addict or if you are only engaged in a single weekly session, it is important to wear appropriate clothing. The postures, sometimes somewhat acrobatic, demand comfortable models and antiperspirant fabrics. If the activity already represents a healthier lifestyle, the clothes should be the reflection of this philosophy.

Dress appropriately The female yoga outfit should be comfortable and avoid embarrassment.

A yoga outfit usually consists of:

  • Top – ideal to wear a body-hugging top, preferably sleeveless, to prevent undesirable underarm perspiration marks. The breasts should be secure, without the worry of showing the bra during the most diverse movements;
  • Bottom – forget that old cleaning sweater and opt for leggings specific to yoga. Common gym trousers may not be enough, as they are often made from too thin materials, which makes them transparent and durable. The waist should be elastic and well adjusted, so that the pants do not fall during the exercises;
  • Underwear – Lingerie is also part of the yoga outfit, why not? When it comes to choosing what to use for classes, focus on comfort. The most important is freedom of movement. There are even more sportive models that are undoubtedly the best choice. It is also important to avoid lace or any other fabrics that might cause any discomfort.

It does not matter in what way you relate to your yoga classes or what stage of life you are in: clothes that bring comfort and safety are paramount. However, that does not mean you have to give up your own style. With the variety offered by the current market, it is possible to combine comfort and style.

However, it is important to look at some basic items at the time of purchase:

  • Choose a breathable fabric that promotes evaporation of sweat;
  • Choose softer materials that do not “squeeze” your body;
  • Test your clothes so you taste them in the store, doing some postures.

You will see that, in the end, you will leave the store satisfied with your new yoga outfit.

Men’s Yoga Clothing

Men have also increasingly become adept at practicing yoga. Whether it’s to build stronger muscles, beat stress from day to day or worship nature, they also understand the benefits of the activity. Proof of this is that they are gradually conquering a larger space in yoga classrooms, an environment that was almost female exclusivity a few years ago.

They're coming Like women, men also find in yoga a form of well-being.

But has the fitness market also followed this trend? After all, would it be easy to find men’s yoga clothes?

Men also need to be careful when choosing, so that the suit used does not disrupt the performance of the more complex asanas. Although they do not wear a bra, it is also necessary for them to pay attention to both the lower part of the chosen clothing and the upper one.

T-shirts should preferably be sleeveless (for the same female reason: avoid underarm sweat marks) and close to the body, so that they do not descend to the face when it is necessary to stand upside down.

At the bottom, shorts or pants can be worn, as long as they are also fitted to the body to avoid interruptions during class. In fact, loose clothing should also be avoided for reasons of correction in movements. They certainly prevent the teacher from visualizing their exercises clearly.

Yoga clothing should promote sweating and breathing of the skin. It is also important to choose the right model: neither too broad nor too fair. At that time, the rule of common sense is worth.

While the yoga clothing market is mostly dedicated to them, men can also find specific pieces in the fitness departments of their favorite stores. Buying on the internet, in this case, is not a good idea, since it is not always possible to have an exact notion of how the piece will remain in the body.

One important piece of advice for both men and women is: the ideal is to have 3 yoga outfits – one in the wardrobe, one in the gym bag and one that will surely stay in the laundry basket (or on the clothesline on a rainy day ).

Main yoga accessories

In addition to the clothing, the basis for all meditation practitioners is the yoga mat. Although all seem relatively equal, apart from color and size, there are some criteria that should permeate the choice:

  • Thickness – In order for your joints to be protected during yoga time, it is important for the material to keep your body well off the ground;
  • Weight – If your idea is to carry it to yoga classes, wherever they happen, the piece can not be too heavy;
  • Material – Non-skid options provide added protection as they prevent the part from slipping when you change positions.

Choosing a yoga mat can be simple and complicated at the same time, if you take into account the numerous options offered by the current market. Nowadays, there are already pieces for all tastes and budgets and you will surely find one that matches your profile in both requirements.

Get Fit for Yoga The yoga mat will become a true companion during classes.

However, if you really want to dive into the world of yoga, you will need a few more items, which may or may not be provided by the hired teacher:

  • Strap – Offers better spine support and balance. Although for beginners it is relatively indifferent, due to the low complexity of the movements, this piece becomes more necessary as you advance of level;
  • Block – Besides functioning as a kind of meditation cushion, it can also play the role of stabilizer during certain postures. In cork, wood or foam, it is worth choosing the option that seems more comfortable and functional;
  • Towel – although it seems something “stopped” for those who do not practice yet, yoga is a sport that will surely make you sweat … and much! In terms of comfort and hygiene, it is important to carry a towel for the sessions, either to put it on the carpet and protect it from moisture or to dry itself during one and the other exercise.

In addition, there are other optional accessories used by some yoga practitioners. Among them are the ball, which allows the realization of a differentiated group of exercises in order to provide greater tonicity and balance to the legs and the abdomen.

However, if at the moment, your finances allow you to choose a single item to start your yoga classes, choose the rug!

Price of yoga equipment

Before enrolling in a yoga course, whether it is face-to-face or online, you need to think about some aspects: your level, your goals and your expectations. Think that if you have never meditated, it may be that one week after starting yoga, realize that you do not identify with the activity. Ever wondered if this happens after investing high values ​​in state-of-the-art equipment?

First of all, ask yourself what value you would like to put on the clothes, rug and equipment essential to the beginning.

Your budget, however, also needs to take into account the quality of the equipment you will acquire. Do you really need that $ 500.00 rug? Of course, between the options of $ 50.00 and $ 500.00, there is a wide variety of materials and features. But it will certainly be possible to find one that fits in your pocket, without giving up the quality.

The rug is undoubtedly the only equipment really needed for beginners: you can not do your first class without it!

The yoga block, for example, will be used sporadically. That means you can opt for a cheaper model, use a cushion or even improvise with that stool you have at home. The yoga straps also vary in price, without this necessarily meaning that the numbers will be consistent with the quality.

At that time, it is worth researching websites, blogs and stores in search of promotional yoga equipment. Also think that yoga is a lifestyle and can also help you reflect on your spending habits and relationship with money.

Meditation and consumption More than a sport, yoga is a lifestyle.

When you start practicing yoga, you certainly acquire a new vocabulary. Words like asana (posture) and pranayama (breathing exercises) will become part of your daily life. But the transformations do not have to stop there: what about taking advantage of the concepts of sustainability and conscious consumption? It may be that in pursuit of meditation accessories lies the key to changing some old habits and concepts.




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