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1a aula grátis!

1a aula grátis!

Aulas de inglês online, com professor nativo americano. ESL de forma profissional e eficaz. Niveis Intermediário e Avançado.


É "la crème de la crème" dos professores. Perfil de qualidade, diploma verificado e resposta garantida. David marcará sua primeira aula de Inglês.

Sobre a aula

I only speak English. For this reason, I only accept students who can speak English at a Lower A2 Level (Elementary level); Can understand sentences and frequently used expressions related to areas of most immediate relevance (e.g. very basic personal and family information, shopping, local geography, employment). Can communicate in simple and routine tasks requiring a simple and direct exchange of information on familiar and routine matters. Can describe in simple terms aspects of his/her background, immediate environment and matters in areas of immediate need.
I use the communicative approach (The Cambridge Method), one of the most effective methods today), which can include a flexible mixture of all methods. Experience shows that not all students learn the same way, so flexibility is required. Some of the course ware is unique, and I adjust the material and method according to the needs of each student having in mind that each one has his or her own pace. The level of the material is determined during an interview, but it can change any time as the student develops his or her skills. I provide all the material the student needs in a weekly package which includes a video with a transcript, one activity and lesson notes. I require reading during the class, when I work on the student's pronunciation and intonation skills. Certain books are available if needed: Grammar, Writing skills, etc.. The writing is analyzed and it is required to be handwritten. Speaking skills are conducted during the class.


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  • Inglês - Compreensão oral
  • Inglês americano
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Mais sobre David

I have been teaching since 1984 as a musician in the United States-University level. I have been teaching English in Brazil since 2012. Two years at Wizard English Instruction Schools-Teaching intermediate through advanced levels; And 18 months at the International School in Carpina, Brazil - grades 4 -7. It should be noted that the courseware used at the International School was originally created by my wife and myself. It is bilingual. And since the beginning of 2017, We have started a private English Language School and also teach intermediate through advanced levels. There are over 150 methods used for teaching English.
I use the communicative approach, but will use a mixture of any method that works for the student. No one method is perfect for all students.
I have had Cambridge CELTA training, studied the Cambridge TKT (Teachers Knowledge Test) and the Cambridge IELTS Achievement Cert.
Experience includes teaching bilingual English courses which are produced by me for Brazilian's wanting to learn English, IELTS, and TOEFL which are edited courses from the best sources available, TOIC same approach applies.
I am certified in the following courses:
Exploring the World of English Language Teaching ((informação ocultada)
Inside IELTS: Preparing for the Test with the Experts ((informação ocultada)
Please see Curriculum Vitae for more information.



  • 5h: R$550
  • 10h: R$1,100


  • 110R$/h

aulas grátis

  • 1h


$100 reals/hour. Includes extra books that may be needed to complete the courses, grammar for writing skills and proof-reading writing activities.


Mais detalhes sobre David

  • 01

    Você fala fluentemente esta língua por causa de suas origens ou porque um professor te motivou a aprendê-la?

    (You speak the language fluently because of its origin or because a teacher motivated you to learn it?)

    I speak American English because I am a native speaker. The English language has Germanic roots, its origin is from Anglo-Frisian. My family is French-Canadian but I learned English as a native language.

  • 02

    Cite uma pessoa (da atualidade, histórica ou fictícia) que, na sua opinião, representa bem a cultura da língua que você ensina.

    (Name one person (the current, historical or fictional) that, in your opinion represents the culture of the language you teach.)

    William Shakespeare (26 April 1564 - 23 April 1616) was an English poet, playwright and actor, widely regarded as both the greatest writer in the English language and the world's pre-eminent dramatist. He is often called England's national poet and the "Bard of Avon". His extant works, including collaborations, consist of approximately 39 plays, 154 sonnets, two long narrative poems, and a few other verses, some of uncertain authorship. His plays have been translated into every major living language and are performed more often than those of any other playwright. Others include William Tyndale c. 1494c. 6 October 1536) was an English scholar who became a leading figure in the Protestant Reformation in the years leading up to his execution. He is well known for his translation of the Bible into English. Myles Coverdale, first name also spelt Miles (1488 - 20 January 1569), was an English ecclesiastical reformer chiefly known as a Bible translator, preacher and, briefly, Bishop of Exeter (1551-1553). These two men were largely responsible for the translation used for the New Testament of the King James version of the Bible published in 1611.
    Regarded as one of the greatest English books ever written.

  • 03

    Existe alguma palavra, expressão ou tradição típica que você goste particularmente?

    (Is there any word, phrase, or typical tradition that you particularly like?)

    Word:Hypersthene (granite) gabbro
    Phrase: "All that was created looks chaotic because all is plan within plan."
    Tradition: Middle East Hospitality.

  • 04

    Por qual motivo aprender esta língua é importante (seja no âmbito escolar, profissional ou pessoal)?

    (For what reason is it important to learn this language (whether in schools, professional or personal)?)

    English is a caveat language, used globally by almost all cultures. English is, therefore, required. The best educational books are written in English. Understanding this promotes educational, professional and personal growth which is almost unparalleled at any point in civilized history. The English language is no longer predominantly used by British or North American culture. It has become mixed in all cultures using the English language.

  • 05

    Qual a maior dificuldade no aprendizado desta língua e o como contornar este obstáculo?

    (What is the greatest difficulty in learning this language and how to get around this obstacle?)

    Grammar: English Grammar is complex, making it difficult to remember, master and use logically.
    Vocabulary: Is often a challenge, particularly when it comes to verb variations and understanding which tense should be used in various situations.
    Slang and colloquialism: With the English language having such an extensive vocabulary and complicated grammar, there is enough to teach students wanting to learn English, rarely are students exposed to the slang words used by English speakers in every day conversation.
    Pronunciation: Knowing how to pronounce words in English can be very difficult as it isn't always obvious. English speakers have been taught these from an early age, which is how they know not to pronounce the 'k' on 'knight' , they are taught the subtleties in how to pronounce something to communicate the right message. There are no pronunciation symbols as in some other languages, making English pronunciation difficult to learn.
    Variations in English: The variations in the different forms of English can often be difficult to understand. For example, the difference between using formal and informal language or the differences between spoken and written language. This leads to students writing words phonetically.
    Achieving success in learning the English language requires tenacious attention to detail and practice.

  • 06

    Você poderia compartilhar alguma história e/ou curiosidade engraçada relacionada à sua profissão ou as aulas particulares?

    (Could you share any stories and / or funny curiosity related to their profession or private lessons?)

    I was contacted on-line recently for an English class. When the video connected I saw six Saudi Arabian women wearing black burkas sitting in front of a camera they were using as a cam. I could only see their eyes. They were eagerly awaiting an English lesson. They had pencils and note books. I do not speak Gulf-Arabic but I do understand how to speak the proper introduction protocol. I found they were pleased that I had taken the time to learn it and it set them at ease. I found them eager, intelligent and quick learners. They did not appear nervous - they were there to learn. I found this a delightful experience in the sense of an honest exchange of culture and even though we did not speak the same language or reason the same way - We learned together. Teaching is not a one way relationship; I have found it to be a two way exchange in the learning process. This makes the teaching profession an enriching and satisfying experience by helping people.

  • 07

    Nos ajude a te conhecer melhor, nos conte um pouco sobre suas viagens, amizades completamente nativa da língua que você leciona entre outros! 😍

    (Help us to know you better, tell us a little about your travels, friendships completely native language you teach among others!)

    I traveled to Pompeii, Italy and saw the ruins of Herculaneum when I was five years old. I was struck by the ancient life-styles and architecture. I was around the world twice before I was 12 years old. I have been to Egypt three times and Alexandria once; Athens, Greece where I visited the Parthenon and the surrounding area of ruins which included a secluded ancient Christian church; lived in Pakistan and toured India for 6 years where I was educated in private British school. I lived amoungst Muslims and Hindu. During this time my care-takers were a Muslim husband and wife and I had close Muslim friends. I saw ancient Roman towns uncovered by archeologists on the coast of Pakistan. I have seen the Taj Mahal. Probably the most exquisite form of Persian and Italian architecture in the world. It is one of the most beautiful complexes I have ever seen. I lived in Japan for a few years and Thailand; Hamburg, Germany; Paris,France; in 1980 traveled across the Atlantic ocean during the winter months when during rough seas almost lost my life and traveled through the Straits of Gibraltar into the Gulf of Suez through the Suez Canal into Cairo and again saw the Pyramids and stayed on Diego Garcia which is one of the most isolated islands on earth for about 6 months, etc. The one prevailing fact is that we are all connected by the same basic needs for communication of languages. We all breath the same air. We have more in common, which is more important than the differences. I teach on-line globally. I use my experiences to my advantage to create a teaching relationship with people from different cultures. In all a very humbling experience.

  • 08

    O que faz de você um Superprof (além do poder de se comunicar em várias línguas 😉) ?

    (What makes you a Superprof (beyond the power to communicate in several languages :-P)?)

    Probably the answer to this question is in the proceeding question. I have traveled extensively which has given me the unique opportunity of experiencing many cultures. This cannot be achieved reading books in any school. The essence of a culture is in the time it takes to immerse in that culture. This can be felt by the student and goes beyond a language to the emotional and spiritual level. This is the unspoken language of respect and care for my students. This language,that is unspoken, is universal and is predominate in the eyes of the beholder.

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