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Online English Lessons, Cambridge University-Qualified Native Teacher, Speaking Abilities, Confidence, Comprehension, Improve Grammar and expand Vocabulary.

Hi, my name is Eugene I am a native English teacher from England.

I love teaching English, and I will happily help you improve your General English, Business English, Speaking Ability, Confidence, Vocabulary, Comprehension and Grammar.

I will do my best to understand your goals & needs, and then I will help you reach your English language objectives.

I have 2 teaching qualifications: CELTA (From Cambridge University) &120 hour TEFL. I have taught in Israel, Guatemala and England.

You will have dynamic lessons specifically planned for you.

We will practice various situations, speak about many topics, and your grammar, vocabulary, confidence & comprehension will improve every week.

Lessons with a native speaker are important, but so is homework, so that you continue your English language improvement between classes. You will receive from me many useful links and specific homework. You will receive many useful resources.

Our lessons will be active and fun, and I will challenge you in many ways, so that you can express yourself better and more confidently in English in many different situations.

The price for a lesson is 25 British Pounds, or the equivalent in your currency.

I am looking forward to teaching you! :)

Ensino inglês, inglês - conversação, inglês - compreensão oral, inglês comercial. Aulas disponíveis para os nível(is) pré-escola, fundamental i, fundamental ii, 1º ano do ensino médio, 2º ano do ensino médio, 3º ano / enem, formação para adultos, A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2, iniciante, intermediário, avançado.
Dou aulas apenas por webcam.
Estou conectado(a), neste momento.

44 avaliações sobre Eugene
  • 5/5

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18 avaliações


Perfeito! Hello everybody! At the moment I'm in the process of teaching English with Eugene. A month has passed already, during this time I have never regretted that I turned to Eugene. Lessons are dynamic, Eugene motivates a lot to speak English with the chosen theme of the lesson, the lesson is saturated. Eugene well follows the plan of classes and of course takes into account the wishes of the student, on what points it is worthwhile to stop more. I feel progress in my study of English, I can more confidently now speak English. In addition, I would like to note that Eugene devotes much time to the selection of homework, because without independent work progress is impossible. To all very much I recommend to address to Eugene!

Ana Carolina

Perfeito! Eugene is an excellent teacher. I am learning and improving my English a lot. He understood my goals quickly and always sends me exercises focusing on my limitations. I feel very good during our lessons. Eugene is a nice, polite and patient person. I really recommend.


Ana Carolina is an enthusiastic and motivated student. She enjoys learning English and is always happy during our lessons. Thank you Ana!


Perfeito! Eugene its a excellent teacher. Very motivated and with good ways do teach something new! I learn and enjoy the classes with him. Thank you !!!


Vinicius needs General English and Business English for his work. He is a motivated student who enjoys speaking English, and I always enjoy my lessons with him. Thank you!

26 recomendações


I started classes with Eugene by a work colleague recommendation. I wanted to improve my conversation skills. In the first class I was very impressed how he could easily understand my needs and to show how I could improve my English language. The classes are very interesting and and also fun. Many times, I needed his help in rush situations and he was always there to attend me in short time. So, I highly recommend him as an English teacher.


Eugene is a very passionate and smart linguist and a funny entertaining teacher. He is clever in the way he explains concepts and is funny, so as to make lessons enjoyable. I'd definitely recommend him as a teacher.


Really great teacher with lots of patience and knowledge. Also really well prepared. Thanks alot for the lesson

Experiências de Eugene

I have learned French and Portuguese online with language tutors, so I understand what is useful and necessary for a student, in lessons and also with homework.


Online Private Teacher Sep 2016 - Now
• Teaching private lessons through Skype.
• Students’ levels vary from beginner to advanced.
• Business English, General English, Exam Preparation, Confidence Increase, Improved Comprehension, Grammar Teaching, Travel English

Private English Tutor/Teacher June 2016 -Oct 2016
• Teaching students privately, from beginner to advanced level.

Private English Tutor/Teacher June 2016-Oct 2016
Best English School, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala
• Teaching private lessons to children and adults of various levels.

Local Leader and English Teacher Jul 2015
English First summer school, Portsmouth, England
• I led and taught English for 3 weeks Chinese children aged 10-12.
• There were 17 Chinese children of level complete beginner to lower intermediate.
• I taught for a total of about 25-30 hours topics such as grammar and vocabulary, and made the students practice verbal communication skills.

Personal Tutor Aug 2009 – July 2010
Wall Street Institute, Haifa, Israel
• I taught English grammar, vocabulary to adults in one-on-one settings, and practiced conversation.
• Supported students in their learning process by tracking their progress, offering advice and resolving study issues.
• Voted top personal tutor in Israel, best in 11 company branches, for one quarter of a year.

As an online tutor, I have helped people with the following:

General English - a Spanish university student was going to be an Erasmus student in Italy. I provided him conversation practice and improved his grammar. He is now in Italy and he told me he is using expressions learned in the lesson.
Travel English - a beginner student from Moscow was planning to travel for 2 weeks in the USA - I prepared her for this. She went to the USA and enjoyed her trip because she was able to communicate much better with local people.
Travel English - I helped a pre-intermediate student from Sao Paulo in Brazil to prepare for a 2 week business trip to Germany, where she was going to receive training on how to use new software. I helped with her with understanding German accent in English, business language, grammar, vocabulary, listening comprehension. She went to Germany and had a good time, and succeeded in communicating with her colleagues.
Interviews - 2 future pilots from Moscow, intermediate level, that had interviews with Aeroflot for pilot jobs. They both passed to the next stage of the interview process.
Interview preparation + Business English - A Turkish man from Istanbul, intermediate level - I prepared him for an interview for a job in Germany.
British English - a student from Fortaleza in Brazil, intermediate level, was planning to go to London for 6 months to do her PhD research - I helped with grammar, vocabulary, British expressions, and helped her improve her listening comprehension of British English and slang. She is in London now.
Moving to London, England - A student from Warsaw in Poland, upper-intermediate, planned to move permanently to the UK. I helped him with business English, IT sector English, grammar, vocabulary, better communication skills etc. He has moved to London, and found a job after 2-3 weeks as a Network Engineer.

IELTS speaking part - I have helped a student from St Petersburg. upper-intermediate, prepare for the speaking part of the IELTS exam. He is planning to immigrate to Australia.

Confidence improving - A student from Moscow in Russian, elementary level, who always felt scared when speaking in English. I am still teaching her, and have helped her with speaking confidence, better listening comprehension, better grammar and vocabulary. She recently went on a business trip with Russia, and in her hotel she saw two German men. She helped translate between the German men and the hotel staff successfully, and she felt proud and happy about this.

Curriculum Vitae de Eugene

Cambridge CELTA Certificate – Pass March 2015
International House, Playa del Carmen, Mexico
• Full-time 4 week course, 120 classroom hours + 80 hours for outside of classroom tasks.
• 6 hours of assessed and 2 hours of unassessed classroom teaching.
• Taught two groups: elementary A2 and lower intermediate B1 students, 9-12 students in each group.
• Observed course tutors, experienced teachers and fellow CELTA trainee teachers.

120 Hour TEFL Certificate - Merit June 2014
• The TEFL Academy Combined TEFL Course.
• 20 Classroom Hours + 100 hour of online TEFL and grammar course.

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1a aula grátis!
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1a aula grátis!
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1a aula grátis!
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1a aula grátis!
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1a aula grátis!
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