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María Jesús
« Perfeito! Fue genial y realmente útil. "It was great and really helpful." »
1a aula grátis!
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Matérias ensinadas
  • Inglês
  • Inglês - Conversação
  • Inglês - Compreensão oral
  • Inglês - Vocabulário
  • Inglês comercial
  • Pré-escola
  • Fundamental 1
  • Fundamental 2
  • 1º ano do Ensino Médio
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  • Formação para adultos
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Native Teacher from England. Speaking Abilities, Business English, Confidence, Comprehension, Grammar and Vocabulary. With a teaching certificate from Cambridge University


Hi, my name is Eugene I am a native English teacher from England.

I love teaching English, and I will happily help you improve your General English, Business English, Speaking Ability, Confidence, Vocabulary, Comprehension and Grammar.

I will do my best to understand your goals & needs, and then I will help you reach your English language objectives.

I have 2 teaching qualifications: CELTA (From Cambridge University) &120 hour TEFL. I have taught in Israel, Guatemala and England.

You will have dynamic lessons specifically planned for you.

We will practice various situations, speak about many topics, and your grammar, vocabulary, confidence & comprehension will improve every week.

Lessons with a native speaker are important, but so is homework, so that you continue your English language improvement between classes. You will receive from me many useful links and specific homework. You will receive many useful resources.

Our lessons will be active and fun, and I will challenge you in many ways, so that you can express yourself better and more confidently in English in many different situations.

I am looking forward to teaching you! :)


O professor perfeito! Perfil de qualidade, diploma de excelência e resposta rápida. Eugene organizará as suas primeiras aulas com afinco.


I have learned French and Portuguese online with language tutors, so I understand what is useful and necessary for a student, in lessons and also with homework.


Online Private Teacher Sep 2016 - Now
• Teaching private lessons through Skype.
• Students’ levels vary from beginner to advanced.
• Business English, General English, Exam Preparation, Confidence Increase, Improved Comprehension, Grammar Teaching, Travel English

Private English Tutor/Teacher June 2016 -Oct 2016
• Teaching students privately, from beginner to advanced level.

Private English Tutor/Teacher June 2016-Oct 2016
Best English School, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala
• Teaching private lessons to children and adults of various levels.

Local Leader and English Teacher Jul 2015
English First summer school, Portsmouth, England
• I led and taught English for 3 weeks Chinese children aged 10-12.
• There were 17 Chinese children of level complete beginner to lower intermediate.
• I taught for a total of about 25-30 hours topics such as grammar and vocabulary, and made the students practice verbal communication skills.

Personal Tutor Aug 2009 – July 2010
Wall Street Institute, Haifa, Israel
• I taught English grammar, vocabulary to adults in one-on-one settings, and practiced conversation.
• Supported students in their learning process by tracking their progress, offering advice and resolving study issues.
• Voted top personal tutor in Israel, best in 11 company branches, for one quarter of a year.

As an online tutor, I have helped people with the following:

General English - a Spanish university student was going to be an Erasmus student in Italy. I provided him conversation practice and improved his grammar. He is now in Italy and he told me he is using expressions learned in the lesson.
Travel English - a beginner student from Moscow was planning to travel for 2 weeks in the USA - I prepared her for this. She went to the USA and enjoyed her trip because she was able to communicate much better with local people.
Travel English - I helped a pre-intermediate student from Sao Paulo in Brazil to prepare for a 2 week business trip to Germany, where she was going to receive training on how to use new software. I helped with her with understanding German accent in English, business language, grammar, vocabulary, listening comprehension. She went to Germany and had a good time, and succeeded in communicating with her colleagues.
Interviews - 2 future pilots from Moscow, intermediate level, that had interviews with Aeroflot for pilot jobs. They both passed to the next stage of the interview process.
Interview preparation + Business English - A Turkish man from Istanbul, intermediate level - I prepared him for an interview for a job in Germany.
British English - a student from Fortaleza in Brazil, intermediate level, was planning to go to London for 6 months to do her PhD research - I helped with grammar, vocabulary, British expressions, and helped her improve her listening comprehension of British English and slang. She is in London now.
Moving to London, England - A student from Warsaw in Poland, upper-intermediate, planned to move permanently to the UK. I helped him with business English, IT sector English, grammar, vocabulary, better communication skills etc. He has moved to London, and found a job after 2-3 weeks as a Network Engineer.

IELTS speaking part - I have helped a student from St Petersburg. upper-intermediate, prepare for the speaking part of the IELTS exam. He is planning to immigrate to Australia.

Confidence improving - A student from Moscow in Russian, elementary level, who always felt scared when speaking in English. I am still teaching her, and have helped her with speaking confidence, better listening comprehension, better grammar and vocabulary. She recently went on a business trip with Russia, and in her hotel she saw two German men. She helped translate between the German men and the hotel staff successfully, and she felt proud and happy about this.


Preço para aulas por webcam : 119R$/h
Preço para 5 horas de aula : R$552
Preço para 10 horas de aula : R$1072
Aulas dadas por Eugene
Em grupo
As aulas serão
Matérias ensinadas
  • Inglês
  • Inglês - Conversação
  • Inglês - Compreensão oral
  • Inglês - Vocabulário
  • Inglês comercial
  • Pré-escola
  • Fundamental 1
  • Fundamental 2
  • 1º ano do Ensino Médio
  • 2º ano do Ensino Médio
  • Formação para adultos
  • 3º ano / ENEM
  • Mestrado
  • A1
  • A2
  • B1
  • B2
  • C1
  • C2
  • Iniciante
  • Intermediário
  • Avançado
  • Profissional

Curriculum Vitae de Eugene

Certificates & Qualifications
Cambridge CELTA Certificate – Pass March 2015
International House, Playa del Carmen, Mexico
• Full-time 4 week course, 120 classroom hours + 80 hours for outside of classroom tasks.
• 6 hours of assessed and 2 hours of unassessed classroom teaching.
• Taught two groups: elementary A2 and lower intermediate B1 students, 9-12 students in each group.
• Observed course tutors, experienced teachers and fellow CELTA trainee teachers.

120 Hour TEFL Certificate - Merit June 2014
• The TEFL Academy Combined TEFL Course.
• 20 Classroom Hours + 100 hour of online TEFL and grammar course.

58 avaliações sobre Eugene
  • 4.9/5

Todas as avaliações são coletadas pelo nosso serviço e são fiáveis. Elas correspondem a verdadeiras experiências dos membros do Superprof.
María Jesús

Perfeito! Fue genial y realmente útil.

"It was great and really helpful."


Perfeito! Eugene is Great !
I had to prepare for interview and Eugene helped me to prepare the interviews and improve my CV.
Eugene gave a lot of advices to succeed an interview.

Resposta de Eugene

Donatien is a motivated student. He had to prepare for an interview as a Deployment Strategist.
We did interview practice and I looked at his CV. I prepared him for the interview and provided feedback on where he can improve. He passed the first stage of the interview, and hopefully will get the job.
Thank you Donatien!


Perfeito! Eugène est un excellent professeur d'anglais mais surtout une personne en or. Les appels avec lui ont toujours été un plaisir et j'ai beaucoup progressé en peu de temps. Je le recommande fortement.


Excelente! Eugene est vraiment un sympathique professeur qui vous aidera à vous améliorer en expression oral (c'est ce que nous avons travaillé ensemble), grâce à lui, je suis beaucoup plus à l'aise pour m'exprimer :)

Eugene is really a nice teacher who will help you improve your speaking skills (that's what we worked together), thanks to him, I'm much more comfortable to express myself :)


Perfeito! Eugene is a great and passionate teacher ! I have been enjoying taking english lessons with him. All the homework that he send me is always very interesting and perfectly meets my needs. Eugene adapts each session to my specific needs (phone calls, presentations and so on). My speaking abilities, my fluency as well as my confidence has improved. I strongly recommend Eugene as an English teacher !!

Resposta de Eugene

Elena works as a Process Engineer in a pharmaceutical company in Switzerland. She needs English because she will take on some new responsivities at work. She has an advanced level of English already (B2/C1) and so we have been working focusing on many areas – her confidence of using English and discussing her work, connectors and conjunctions (vocabulary and grammar of these), how to present herself at work, dependent prepositions, past modals, Scottish accent comprehension (she will be working with Scottish people), present perfect, vocabulary such as quite/fairly/somewhat, conditionals, general business topics such as Starbucks, Nestle, Monsanto and more.
The homework I’ve been sending has also been regarding the mentioned above.
Elena is a motivated and committed student of English, and I’ve enjoyed our lessons. Thank you Elena!


Perfeito! Eugene is a fantastic tutor. He is passionate, driven and meticulous in his efforts to enable his students to fulfil their potential to the utmost.
His extensive experience and mastery of the subject allow him to tailor his lessons very specifically to the needs of his students. In addition, he is very professional, punctual and flexible.

Resposta de Eugene

David works for a Swiss bank. He needs English for work and general communication.
We have practiced doing a presentation he did for work, using the auxiliary “do” in positive sentences, how to communicate with a manager, work-related vocabulary, certain grammar and other areas. We have also practiced a lot of speaking and listening.
I’ve been sending David homework to practice different skills and grammar points: phrasal verbs, email writing, grammar reading, videos about business or general things (to practice vocabulary and comprehension), how to communicate with a manager and more.
David is always friendly and polite, and he clearly enjoys speaking English. The classes have been a pleasure. Thank you David


Perfeito! Eugène est très professionnel, je conseille vivement. Je continue à travailler avec Eugène et je constate un progrès. Il est à l’écoute et très pédagogue.

Resposta de Eugene

David is going to move to a new position within his company where he will need to use English more often. We have focused on general English - speaking, listening, reading + vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.
David is a motivated student. Thank you :)


Perfeito! Je recommande Eugène. La prise de contact s'est bien passée, les offres de cours sont claires. Eugène a bien su s'adapter à ma demande. Il est à l'écoute, patient, pédagogue, organisé et très sympathique. Je n'hésiterais pas à retravailler avec lui. Merci Eugène :-)

I recommend Eugene. The contact has gone well, the course offers are clear. Eugene knew how to adapt to my request. He is attentive, patient, pedagogue, organized and very friendly. I would not hesitate to work with him again. Thank you Eugene :-)

Resposta de Eugene

Mathilde needs English for jobs in the architecture sector. We have been practising conversation, grammar and pronunciation. I’ve been sending her homework exercises to improve her grammar, listening comprehension, vocabulary and general videos.
She is an enthusiastic and motivated student, and she enjoys learning English. It’s been a pleasure teaching her. Thank you! :)


Excelente! Eugène répond pleinement à la demande d'Arthur d’améliorer son anglais oral et sa compréhension. Arthur a pris confiance et prend de plus en plus de plaisir à échanger avec Eugène qui sait le motiver. Il souhaite continuer les cours avec Eugène, meilleure preuve de sa satisfaction.

Eugene fully responds to Arthur's request to improve his oral English and his understanding. Arthur has gained confidence and takes more and more pleasure in exchanging with Eugene who knows how to motivate him. He wants to continue classes with Eugene, the best proof of his satisfaction.

Resposta de Eugene

Arthur is a teenager from France who needs English speaking practice in general and also for passing a Cambridge English B1 Exam. We have worked on his fluency and speaking skills. We have done exam practice. We have covered grammar, new and alternative vocabulary, pronunciation and more. For homework I’ve been sending him videos (for listening comprehension), grammar and vocabulary exercises.
Arthur is an intelligent young man who is motivated to learn English. He’s been a pleasure to teach. Thank you Arthur!


Perfeito! Cela fait maintenant quelques semaines que je prends des cours avec Eugène et ce n’était pas gagné d’avance. Je suis ravie des progrès que je constate de semaine en semaine. Eugene est un professeur patient, à l’écoute et très professionnel. Ces cours sont bien structurés et personnalisés. Il est très dynamique, souriant et intéressant.
C’est un réel plaisir d’apprendre l’anglais désormais.
Mille mercis

It's been a few weeks since I took classes with Eugene and it was not won in advance. I am pleased with the progress I see from week to week. Eugene is a patient teacher, attentive and very professional. These courses are well structured and personalized. He is very dynamic, smiling and interesting.
It's a real pleasure to learn English now.
Many thanks

Resposta de Eugene

Caroline is a beginner level student. She needs English for general travel. She like travelling, but finds it hard to communicate in English. We have been doing a lot of conversation practice, vocabulary and grammar. For homework I’ve been sending her listening comprehension exercises, grammar, reading (for vocabulary).
We have also practised directions for when she travels.
She is a fun and motivated student, and it’s been a pleasure teaching her. Thank you!

26 recomendações


I started classes with Eugene by a work colleague recommendation. I wanted to improve my conversation skills. In the first class I was very impressed how he could easily understand my needs and to show how I could improve my English language. The classes are very interesting and and also fun. Many times, I needed his help in rush situations and he was always there to attend me in short time. So, I highly recommend him as an English teacher.


Eugene is a very passionate and smart linguist and a funny entertaining teacher. He is clever in the way he explains concepts and is funny, so as to make lessons enjoyable. I'd definitely recommend him as a teacher.


Really great teacher with lots of patience and knowledge. Also really well prepared. Thanks alot for the lesson


Eugene is a very professional teacher. In the lessons with him it is always interesting. He sees weaknesses and helps to eliminate them. I am very lucky that I found a teacher like Eugene.


Eugene is a highly qualified teacher. He quickly understand student's needs and develop program of education for any level. I have been studying with Eugene for year. Now I have good results in speech, vocabulary and grammar. I recommended Eugene for student's who want to start English and also who want to improve their level.


Eugene is a very proficient teacher. I had not known such a professional person before. He is patient and kind. He helped me to make myself confident when I speak in English. I totally recommend him.


I strongly recommend Eugene as a teacher!!! You'll speak like a real British within no time !- and that's what we all want, isn't it ? ;)


Eugene is a lovely guy, very intelligent, funny and very enthusiastic. You will learn lots from him and enjoy yourself!


Eugene taught me the English language a year ago.
I started my classes with him a little before traveling to work alone for the first time to another country.
His classes gave me confidence to talk better and interact with people. Eugene is an incredibly competent and considerate teacher!


I’ve been having lessons with Eugene for the past 2 months and absolutely love it! The one-to-one classes are great fun with the right level of structure, and I really feel like I’m making significant progress. I can thoroughly recommend Eugene he is a brilliant way to learn English.

Entrevista de Eugene

QUESTĀO 01 | 08
Do you speak this language fluently because of your origins or because a teacher inspired you to learn?
Eugene — I speak English because of my origin. I am British.
QUESTĀO 02 | 08
Can you name a living, historical or fictional character that you think is the emblematic representative of the language's culture?
Eugene — This question is not easy, since we are talking about a language spoken by about 350 million native speakers and about 700 million non-native speakers. Can there be a person who is representative of a diverse language culture of over 1,000,000,000 people? English is also the official language of +50 countries. What person can represent the culture of this language?

I would have to resort to picking a series of famous people who speak English:

William Shakespeare - a very famous writer from the 15th century

Mr Bean - the comedian who shows an awkward middle class person

Sherlock Holmes - the famous fictional character

The Queen - The British Queen, being a symbol of British culture.

Friends - the world famous American TV sitcom, showing the life of 6 Americans.

Usain Bolt - he is an iconic athlete, who speaks English a first language.

In fact, any musician or athlete can be picked - David Beckham, The Beatles.

Any politician can be picked too.

If I pick one person as a representative of the language's culture, I will also reduce and limit the language to what that person represents - millionaire, upper class, athlete, musician, TV show.
QUESTĀO 03 | 08
Is there a typical word, phrase, tradition or behaviour in the language that you particularly like?
Eugene — I like the tradition of going to the pub in England. There's normally no music, and it's a place for friends to gather and chat. The pub is central to English culture. People have a beer or a different drink, and talk about their lives.
QUESTĀO 04 | 08
Why does speaking this language matter to you?
Eugene — English is the most important global language. English helps people make connections with people from other countries. It is also an important skill in your career. There is no other language that is as global as English. Other languages are important in specific regions, like Spanish and Latin America, Mandarin and China, Arabic and the Middle East, but English is important in the whole world.
QUESTĀO 05 | 08
What is the main difficulty in learning this language and what can help the process of learning?
Eugene — The difficulty depends on the level of the student.

English pronunciation is not so easy, and there are many different accents - American, English, Scottish, Irish, Australian, Jamaican etc.

What you need to do is to watch English listening exercises, based on your level. I always send listening exercises so that my students can practice their listening skills

Another difficulty of learning English is perhaps phrasal verbs. They are the barrier between an intermediate or upper intermediate level and advanced. They are very similar to one another but have entirely different meanings. Native speakers use them often, which makes things confusing and tricky.
How to learn them? Repetition of them is important, but also listening and reading texts containing phrasal verbs - you can find plenty online
QUESTĀO 06 | 08
Provide a valuable anecdote related to your language learning or your days at school.
Eugene — Like many of my students, I've studied a language at school but did not make much progress in communicating in that language. We focused a lot on grammar, vocabulary and reading, but less on listening and speaking. In fact, speaking was the skill we practiced the least. This means that I couldn't have a spontaneous German conversation now. This is similar to many people's experiences of learning languages.

I now understand that practicing speaking and listening is very important, and I make my students practice these skills a lot.
QUESTĀO 07 | 08
How has travel or a specific trip helped you to increase your skill and knowledge of the language?
Eugene — I have experience of travelling to other countries when not being able to speak the local language, and then I learned that language.

In 2012 I travelled alone for 3 months in Central America. Most local people I met did not speak any English at all. I experienced the difficulty of not being able to communicate effectively with people. I started the trip with almost zero Spanish.

During my trip I did an intensive Spanish language course for 2 weeks and I stayed with a family during that time. After 3 months of travelling I was able to have conversational Spanish at an A2 level.

This experience taught me how it feels to be a student of a language. I experienced the difficulty of almost not being able to communicate. Then my level improved and I experienced how it feels to communicate on a basic level.

I feel that trip in 2012 made me a better teacher of English, because I understood how students feel. I also saw new methods of teaching. I learned a lot, and I feel I became a better English teacher because I had to learn a foreign language myself.
QUESTĀO 08 | 08
What makes you a Superprof in language?
Eugene — What makes me a Superprof in English is my teaching experience, qualifications of teaching English, and my experience of learning foreign languages.

I am qualified by the University of Cambridge to teach English (CELTA certificate) as well as another certificate called "120 hours TEFL" by the TEFL Academy.

I have taught in Israel, England and Guatemala. I've also taught English online since January 2017. It means I've taught in classrooms, one-on-one, different professions, ages and nationalities. I have a diverse experience of teaching English.

My experience of learning languages, starting from a complete beginner level - fluent Spanish, intermediate French, beginner Italian and Portuguese. This means I understand the process a student goes through, and I also understand what is effective and important.

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